Cooper Tools GmbH changed its name to Weller Tools GmbH. Weller is a market leading producer of soldering tools. Weller soldering tools have always been a masterpiece of quality and ergonomics. It is confirmed by ISO 9001 certificate.
Labem has been Weller's authorised distributor for many years. We do our best to guarantee customers satisfaction. We want you to be glad, that you have chosen Weller brand.

Made in Europe Made in Germany Made in Europe

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Soldering stations Rework stations, Hot-air stations
Soldering irons, 230V Soldering irons, 24V
Portable soldering stations and gas irons BGA rework stations
Fume extraction Solder feeders, preheating plates, solder baths, various tools...
Accesories Soldering tips
Wire Wrap tools Spare parts and service

You can find Weller catalog and official pricelist here. The prices are in Euro, excl. VAT. Please contact us - we offer you good prices and quick delivery.