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We offer high quality consumables at a good price

We offer high quality consumables at a good price

Labem | Chemicals

For cleaning

Contact cleaner

CONTACT CLEANER is based on a special balanced mixture of high-quality, powerful and clean solvents. The low surface tension and wetting ability guaranties a quick penetration of the surface pores, removing oil, grease, dirt and other contaminants. CONTACT CLEANER evaporates quickly and leaves no residues.

Electro Degreaser

ELECTRO DEGREASER is a special mixture of various heavy duty solvents to remove oil and greases from electrical and mechanical equipment quickly and reliably. It also removes wax, dirt, moisture and other heavy soiling.  Particularly suitable for electric motors, high-voltage switchgear, cables, switchboards, cables, wire ropes and chains.

Flux off

FLUX-OFF is a mild, but effective cleaner that easily removes the toughest deposits of flux, soldering oils and other contaminants such as grease, dirt and molding  compounds. FLUX-OFF is colorless and leaves no residue. It is used for gentle and intensive cleaning of printed circuit boards, electronic subassemblies and all other electronic components.


mild, universal cleaner with purity > 99.9%.

ISOPROPANOL is a universal and mild cleaner with excellent wetting and dissolving ability. This guarantees quick and reliable removal of contamination such as dust fingerprints, oil and all kind of light dirt.

Oxyd off

OXYD-OFF cleans contacts and efficiently removes oxide and sulfide layers from any metallic contact surfaces. Special inhibitors ensure also long-lasting lubrication and corrosion protection. OXYD-OFF reduces contact resistance that leads to failures, eliminates voltage drops and guaranties a long lasting protection of all electro-mechanical contacts.


SPRAYWASH is a powerful mixture of solvents which reliably removes dirt and grease deposits as well as oxidized layers. SPRAYWASH is ideal for intensive cleaning of contacts, components and equipment in electrical engineering, especially on switches, electric motors, relays, cabinets, etc.

Labem | Chemicals

For protection


MULTI is a multi-functional product for all kind of applications for electrical and mechanical equipment in industry and workshops. It forms a clear invisible film and is harmless to plastic, rubber and paint. MULTI displaces water, starts wet engines, eliminates short circuits, prevents corrosion and oxidation, dissolves rust and lubricate moving parts. Cleans and stops squeaks and ensures long lasting operational reliability.


SILICONE contains a high-quality, thin insulating silicone oil with a breakdown voltage of 12 kV/mm. It forms an inert, clear film which does not dry up, is water-repellent and therefore is an excellent water and moisture buffer. SILICONE is also a good universal lubricant for plastics and rubber and is stable within a wide temperatures range from -50° C up to +200° C.


SPRAYOIL is a powerful, very thin, acid-free lubricant with excellent emergency running properties. Its lubricating film is very durable and does not become gummy. SPRAYOIL repels water and moisture and ensures durable and reliable corrosion protection. SPRAYOIL remains effective within a wide temperature range from -40°C to +170°C


URETHANE is a high-quality single component polyurethane lacquer, particularly suitable for the electronic industry. URETHANE protects and insulates PC boards, electrical motors, transformers, electronic equipment and components. It offers protection from damaging environmental conditions such as humidity, salty corrosive vapours, fungus, thermal and mechanical stress.


ZINC is a cold galvanizing zinc-rich coating for corrosion and rust protection. It forms a tough and flexible film which actually bonds with any base metal. The film contains 99, 5% pure zinc pigments and bonds electrochemically to bare metal. The coating provides active galvanic protection and stops rust formation even when scratched or abraded.


PLASTIC is based on an acrylic resin particularly suitable for the electronic industry. It forms a shiny, flexible and protective film that is resistant to acids, salt, fungus, corrosive vapors, thermal stress, mechanical abuse, alkalines, alcohols, moisture, and tough environmental conditions. It retains its effectiveness within a wide range of temperatures from –70°C to +120°C.

Labem | Chemicals


Label off

Label-Off removes adhesive paper labels from all kinds of material very easy and quick, without damaging the surface. The dissolving substance penetrates the paper and eliminates the label´s adhesive strength.


Universal Foam-Cleaner with antistatic action for sensitive cleaning of copy machines, glass surfaces, screens, etc. Very good foam stability, high level of efficiency, does not attack materials. The antistatic effect noticeably prevents for new soiling. Suitable for LCD- and TFT-Screens

Duster NF

Duster 5,3 bar. High pressure, high level of purity, high level of efficiency, leaves no residues, does not attack materials, non-flammable, odourless.

Duster FL

Duster 4,8 bar. High pressure, high level of purity, high level of efficiency, leaves no residues, does not attack materials, flammableodourless.


Booster is an extremely strong sprayduster for professional cleaning. The valve technology provides a pressure which is four times as powerful as normal dusters and therefore enables to remove heavy and large particle. Booster is non-flammable and may be used for maintenance and repair on energized equipment. Due to its purity > 99,9 % and the ultrafiltration to < 0,2 microns Booster leaves no residue.

Freezer FL

FREEZER-FL ensures reliable cooling down to -50°C. It quickly locates thermal intermittent components due to heat induced failure. The product is chemically very pure, does not damage any engineering material in common use and evaporates immediately without any residue.