Labem | WX SMART

WX SMART soldering station

Stacje lutownicze – polecamy do lutowania bezołowiowego.
Proponujemy Państwu darmowe przetestowanie stacji.

Labem | Soldering stations

Advanced soldering station for production and service

We recommend WX SMART for proffesional use.

WX SMART power unit


  • Advanced two-channel digital station.
  • Two tools can be used simultaneously. 
  • Only WX series tools can be connected.
  • Additional WX Air module with built-in compressor can be connected. It allows to use desoldering iron WXDP 120 and hot air blower WXHAP 200.
  • Power supply 230V, 300W. 
  • Can be regulated via PC, smartphone, tablet. Application Weller WXSmart available. 
  • WiFi, LAN, USB, RS232 available. Complies with  “Industry 4.0”
  • Touch panel is ESD safe and temperature resistant. Can be operated in gloves or just touching with hot iron tip. 
  • Smooth, independent temperature control of each channel in the range of 150-450 ° C (150-550 ° C for WXHAP 200).
  • Air volume control for WXHAP 200. 
  • The possibility of blocking the temperature control, setting the saving function of the tip through the software.
  • Antistatic version, earthed socket.
  • Recommended for service applications.



  • WX AIR is a compressor module. It connects to Weller WX power units and allows to connect desoldering irons and hot air blower. It has two connectors – one for hot air and another for vacuum.  

  • WX AIR can be connected to power units: WX SMART,  WX 1, WX 2, WXD 2, WXA 2. Some units need to be updated beforehand.

Additional information

  • Power units WX SMART and WX can be stacked upon WX AIR module. It saves some space on the workbench and allows easy tool connection.
  • Both channels can be visually marked with different colors. This feature only works with dedicated SMART irons.
  • Touch panel is temperature resistant. 
  • WX SMART power unit can be accessed and regulated from smartphone or tablet.  
  • Dedicated smart irons – WXMPS MS and WXUPS MS can be connected to WX SMART power unit. They have LED rings allowing for fast tool identification. 
  • Smart irons use special tips with integrated heater and temperature sensor. They have built-in parameter memory. Please check in catalog.
  • There is a special tip stand available. 
  • There is a special WCU unit for temperature calibration and temperature control available.